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Continuing our discussion of the many, varied and unusual reasons that massage therapy is an excellent career choice:


Massage therapy is one of the rare, golden careers that the relationship between training time and dollars earned is not direct. For example, physicians earn a high wage, but they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and many many years into their training before they can earn a penny. Massage therapy, on the other hand, requires a minimal time/money investment compared to the earning potential.

Our school, Mossmain College of Therapeutic Massage, has taken all of the nationally recognized, entry level standards and created a curriculum that, though it exceeds the standards, it is presented in a manageable and learner oriented fashion. The state of Montana requires a mere 500 hours of training at an NCBTMB(National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) approved institution to qualify to apply for licensure. MCTM offers a 656 hour program, meeting or exceeding requirements in 45 US states. We have broken down our curriculum so that it can be digested in smaller bits, we are in class for only four hours per day, four days per week. Even after we add in the student clinical hours, we are still able to provide a well-rounded, entry level education in nine months.

Yep, your training time is 9 months of half-time school. Compare this to cosmetology. (I’m not picking on cosmetologists, by the way. It is simply another personal-service profession that is trained in a similar fashion.)

Cosmetology school in our city is 2000 hours of training, or a full year of full time school. It also costs nearly twice what MCTM costs. The kicker here is that massage therapists earn a median wage of $17.29/hour, while cosmetologists earn a median wage of $10.95/hour.*

So, in a comparable, service-oriented profession, side by side comparison shows that the SHORT TRAINING TIME of Mossmain College of Therapeutic Massage actually pays off exponentially.

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*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition

Diverse Opportunity Principle

Massage School Billings MT Massage on Cruise Ship Continuing our discussion of the many, varied and unusual reasons that massage therapy is an excellent career choice:


If I asked you to close your eyes and envision the perfect work environment, what would it look like? A Hospital

  • A Chiropractic Office
  • Gym
  • A Spa
  • A Salon
  • A Hotel
  • A Beach
  • A Cruise Ship
  • A Physical Therapy Office
  • A Wellness Center
  • A Health Club
  • A University
  • At Home
  • A Retirement Community
  • An Assisted Care Facility
  • A Private Office
  • A Portable Environment
  • This list is by no means comprehensive, but you can see the plethora of options available. Do you want the security of being an employee? The opportunity to own your own business? Do you want to contract out your services? Do you want to work with athletes? Children? Oncology patients? Students? Elderly people? Vacationers?

    So not only is massage therapy flexible for day to day scheduling, (see previous post) it offers extreme flexibility in the work environment.

    Our training program at Mossmain College of Therapeutic Massage has this wide range of possibilities in mind. Because massage therapy is a rapidly growing industry, there will be more and more diverse opportunities to work in whatever setting you choose. We have a strong Business Strategies course, which can assist you in making good career choices and exploring possibilities for business ownership.

    With the broad range of diverse work environments, there is something for everyone. Call us today to discuss training to become a massage therapist!

    “You’re a Massage Therapist? WHY!!?”

    question-mark In the several years that I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, I have been asked this question numerous times. As in, How can you do that job, it would be so tiring, boring, gross, you touch people’s feet [insert preconceived notion here…]

    For some people, the “WHY’s” are based purely on assumptions about what we “Masseuses” do. (BTW, the preferred term is Massage Therapist or Massage Practitioner!) Instead of discussing those misconceptions, I am going to share over the next few posts some of the many, varied, and unusual ways that becoming a massage therapist is an excellent career choice.

    The WELLNESS Principle

    There are few professions that require as focused, personalized attention on the recipient as therapeutic massage. People in our Western culture are chronically ‘touch deprived’ and this can lead to a whole host of physical and psychological problems. While we are not nor should we ever claim to be physicians or psychologists, therapeutic massage is a definite boost to WELLNESS.

    Being what I call a WELLNESS WORKER is such a rewarding calling. Anyone who is a service person at heart can relate to what I am saying. People in patient care in the medical field, people who choose to teach our children, people who assist us every day in too many ways to list, they are our service people. For many of us, knowing that we have made a difference in the day or week or month of another person is so rewarding and reinforcing. As we educate our clientele on the fact that massage therapy supports and enhances wellness, people will begin to dispel the notion that massages are a treat or an undeserved luxury. Everyone deserves to feel WELL!

    The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami is dedicated to scientifically studying the effects of massage therapy and other touch modalities on both specific conditions and general health and wellness. They have scientifically proven that:


    This is a powerful bit of information, and what we can glean from it is that while we may go to see our massage therapist for a stiff neck, the treatment that we receive may in fact help us to sleep better, digest better, eliminate better… in other words, it enhances our feelings of wellbeing, or our WELLNESS.