Why should you train for a career as a massage therapist?

Massage therapy is a booming business. In 2013, it was reported that Americans spent 8-10 BILLION DOLLARS on massage and complementary modalities. Projections indicate that this number is growing rapidly, and will hit 20% growth by the year 2020.

Massage therapists often have flexibility in their schedules. This lends itself perfectly to a variety of situations.  Raising a family is easier with a flexible work schedule, and if your choice is to use massage to earn supplemental income, it is simple to work around your other employment.

Massage therapy training is largely a hands-on process.  Although there is book work involved, our  coursework emphasizes hands-on, which works very well for people who have been away from a classroom for a long time.  It is a superior method for teaching alternative learners as well.  If “traditional school” was a struggle for you, it does not mean that becoming a well qualified massage therapist is out of reach.

Massage therapists can find employment in a wide variety of venues.  We have trained MT’s who work in hospitals, yoga studios, student health services, chiropractic offices, naturopathic offices, spas, retirement/assisted care facilities and oncology care wards to name a few.  Of course, many of the massage therapists we have helped train are independent business owners as well; the options are endless!


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