You’re a Massage Therapist? WHY!!? (Part 2)

Continuing our discussion of the many, varied and unusual reasons that massage therapy is an excellent career choice:


In 2013, Americans spent approximately 8-10 billion dollars on massage therapy and other complementary/alternative treatments. Did you notice the “B” as in BILLION? In addition to that big B for Billion, that spending is projected to grow 20% by the year 2020. So within the next 6 years, Americans will be spending about 12 BILLION DOLLARS on the type of services we provide. That is a very large pie, and it is there for us to take our slice!

Our town of Billings, MT – and really the US in general – is on the cusp of a wellness revolution. People are opening up to the idea of exploring other pathways to healthy living besides heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals and the like. People no longer have to rely solely on blood pressure medication, for example. It has been proven that regular massage helps to lower high blood pressure as a medical condition, thereby possibly reducing or eliminating the need for medication.* I am obviously not suggesting to my clients that they simply stop their BP meds, but it is marvelous to know that there are some alternatives that can support them and their bodies while they pursue health!

The physiological benefits of massage can really help people to feel better. As this simple fact becomes more well known, it stands to reason that the field of therapeutic massage will grow. The earlier a person decides to enter the field, the more experienced s/he becomes and better s/he will be able to accommodate the flocks of people beating down the door for the purpose of receiving therapeutic massage! Come join the rapidly growing WELLNESS REVOLUTION and explore the idea of training to become a MASSAGE THERAPIST!