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Mossmain College of Massage

Receive Your Certification in Billings, Montana

Are you interested in being a massage therapist? Are you worried that you can’t afford it? Are you wondering if it’s too late in your life to get started? Mossmain College of Massage is the answer!

We offer an affordable, nine-month program that includes 750 hours of massage classes.

Day Classes – start around Labor Day and finish around Memorial Day.
Night classes – start in early March and finish before Thanksgiving.

Mossmain College is here for people of all ages who are ready to learn about massage therapy.

Call Mossmain College of Massage at (406) 656-3366 to enroll

Mossmain College of Massage was founded in 2014.

About Mossmain College

With more than 30 years of combined teaching experience, the instructors at Mossmain College are both board-certified, the highest level of certification for massage therapists. We do our best to provide you with the necessary education for beginning a career as a massage therapist.

While we can’t guarantee job placement after your graduation, we’ve never had a student graduate without a job lined up. Contact Mossmain College of Massage today to learn more about our college of massage in Billings, Montana.

The MCM Facilities

We are located in northwest Billings, MT, at 2409 Arnold Lane, in Suite 9. Our building is over 3200 square feet, which includes a spacious classroom, hands-on training space, clinic space, reception area, and restrooms. In addition, we have professional offices of active massage therapists, offering mentorship to our students. Mossmain College also has plenty of off-street parking.



Mission Statement

We strive to educate and inspire competent, compassionate, confident therapists who positively impact the community. We pledge unwavering dedication to excellence in education, ethics, and professionalism.

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